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What’s our vision of New Book Joy?

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What Brings Us Joy?

Sparking Communication

Shared books are a powerful vehicle to bring joy AND bridge conversations around the things that really matter with kids of all ages.

Our combined 50+ years of experience as K-12 literacy educators (and avid bookworms ourselves) fuels our passion for books, family, and the big ideas that will shape our futures.

Every two months we’ll feature a fresh theme with readings and resources inspired by our current topic and EVERY FEW WEEKS we’ll add blogs and book recommendations. Keep reading!


Supporting Independent Bookstores

Relationships are at the forefront of our mission…

We are proud supporters of independent bookstores with high quality children’s literature sections. These little slices of “book heaven” inspire our work.


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Our hearts go out to other hard-working small business owners, especially during COVID-19…

We love to support local Chicago shops and any other companies that deliver high-quality locally made products, especially when they compliment our Curated Book Collections and Book Club events!

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Giving Back

Because sometimes families need to look beyond the book for help…

We are firm believers that books open the doors to honest family conversations about deep topics. We also believe the advice of Fred Rodgers to “look for the helpers” when life events are overwhelming.

We plan to highlight relevant, high quality charities that assist families and individuals in need.

Books can truly be a refuge in times of stress, but sometimes families need more. For each theme we highlight, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to various charities that support families in challenging situations and the development of young children.


What’s Our Current Theme?



Perseverance is what gets us through the rough times, gets us to the good times, and gives us pride when looking back.

Explore READINGS & RESOURCES on this topic…

What’RE We Reading?


The Lost Apothecary

by Sarah Penner

How often do you get to read about a female apothecary who is living in a male dominated world during eighteenth-century London? Is she a murderer or heroine? Then, Caroline, an inspiring historian, is in present-day London and is forced to come to terms with her husband…

The perseverance and strength of these two women is inspiring and the alternating voices of the characters (and setting) adds to this dark and twisty plot.

Perfect way to kick-off the Halloween season! Talk about a spook-tacular debut novel!

Iron Widow

by Xiran Jay Zhao

Zetian, a concubine-pilot, will stop at nothing to avenge her sister’s death. Whether she kills through a psychic link or in person, her perseverance is unstoppable. Others know her as “Iron Widow”, a much-feared pilot who can (and has no problem) sacrifice boys to power up Chrysalises.

This epic YA novel has the perfect combination of Chinese history and science fiction and is perfect to get lost in during this Halloween season!

(Content Warnings: physical abuse, torture, rape, and sexism)

The Jumbies

by Tracey Baptiste

Corinne claims she is not afraid of anything and is convinced jumbies are not real. She believes they are made up by parents to scare their children. But, is that true? 

Severine, a beautiful stranger, plans to claim the entire island for the jumbies. Corinne must be brave and persevere, in order to stop Severine and save her island home.

The perfect creepy book (with Caribbean folklore sprinkled throughout) for this time of the year!

When You Trap A Tiger

by Tae Keller

When Lily and her family move to California to care for her Halmoni (grandmother), she embarks on a journey of self discovery filled with magic, hope, persistence, and believing.

Readers become immersed in Korean folklore and must decide what is real and what is imagined.

We love this quote: “I think that’s how you figure out who you are. You do new, brave things, and you find out who you is in non-you situations.” What a great family conversation starter for perseverance and courage.


by Stephen Michael King

This little three-legged dog (appropriately named “Three”) is a heart-melting example of perseverance.

As Three wanders from city to country, he thinks about what he sees (“He was thankful that he didn’t have more legs than he could count…”) and eventually he winds up with a home that completes his heart.

A great story to inspire conversations about gratitude, even when something in your life is missing.

Change Sings

by Amanda Gorman

(Illustrated by Loren Long)

With the visual metaphor of a joyful musical band, it shares the central message that common goals and kindness can bring communities together for positive change. “I don’t fear change coming, and so I sing along…”

It has the soaring poetic imagery and lyrical quality that Amanda Gorman is known for, paired with the colorful vibrancy of Loren Long’s art.

We’ve been excitedly waiting for this book to arrive and it didn’t disappoint!

How Big Is Love?

by Emma Dodd

Like love, this book is shiny and sweet. The text has beautiful language and concepts that you hope stay with your child over the years: “Love is all around you every single day. And even when life gets hard, love never goes away.”

The illustrations of mama and her ducklings are adorable and there are unique shiny gold accents that will draw the youngest ones’ eyes and hands to the pages.

We can picture this book being read at bedtime by many parents in rocking chairs! 

NEW BOOK JOY is an affiliate of Bookshop.org and will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Every order you place through NBJ supports our site and their pool of independent bookstores!

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