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What Brings Us Joy?

Sparking Communication

Shared books are a powerful vehicle to bring joy AND bridge conversations around the things that really matter with kids of all ages.

Our combined 50+ years of experience as K-12 literacy educators (and avid bookworms ourselves) fuels our passion for books, family, and the big ideas that will shape our futures.

Every two months we’ll feature a fresh theme with readings and resources inspired by our current topic and EVERY FEW WEEKS we’ll add blogs and book recommendations. Keep reading!


Supporting Independent Bookstores

Relationships are at the forefront of our mission…

We are proud supporters of independent bookstores with high quality children’s literature sections. These little slices of “book heaven” inspire our work.


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We love to support local Chicago shops and any other companies that deliver high-quality locally made products, especially when they compliment our Curated Book Collections and Book Club events!


Giving Back

Because sometimes families need to look beyond the book for help…

We are firm believers that books open the doors to honest family conversations about deep topics. We also believe the advice of Fred Rodgers to “look for the helpers” when life events are overwhelming.

We plan to highlight relevant, high quality charities that assist families and individuals in need.

Books can truly be a refuge in times of stress, but sometimes families need more. For each theme we highlight, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to various charities that support families in challenging situations and the development of young children.


What’s Our Current Theme?



Whether it comes as a whisper or a squeak at first… Lean into the dark roar which will light up every cell.” – LUCY H. PEARCE

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What’RE We Reading?


The Secret of Snow

by Viola Shipman

After being replaced by a virtual meteorologist in southern California, Sonny reluctantly returns to her northern Michigan hometown. Not only is she humiliated about having to move back in with her mother, but also is forced to deal with her past. As she throws herself into her new job, she begins to make peace with her past choices and reconnect with her family and home. 

We could not put this book down and got completely lost in Sonny’s journey… A fantastic winter holiday read!


by Mary H.K. Choi

Jayne and June are sisters who are complete opposites and are usually inseparable, until they move to New York. They do not want anything to do with one another; but when June gets cancer, Jayne is the only person who can help her. Jayne and June learn about family secrets and rely on each other, as a family, while trying to grasp what is occurring in Jane’s life.

This raw and real book (Thank goodness for the humor that is sprinkled throughout!) is difficult to put down and is a must read for young adults and grown-ups!

Frankie & Bug

by Gayle Forman

During the summer of 1987, Bug wants to hang out with her brother, Danny, and go to the beach as often as possible. Since he would rather hang out with his friends, Bug is stuck with Frankie. Bug isn’t too excited to spend time with Frankie, but they begin to form a bond. Not only do they learn lessons about themselves, but about the world and life too.

This beautiful and timely book not only focuses on family you are related to, but also people you choose to have around you as your family!

Dear Sister

by Alison McGhee

(Illustrated by Joe Bluhm)

There’s always an adjustment to having a baby in the house (the sibling arguments, the sibling alliance against “the wardens” (parents), the demands for privacy, and even handwritten “sibling report cards” that surface). The big brother heads to college in a sweet and tender ending…

Anyone with a sibling relationship will connect to this endearing book. It’s told in a unique way, through a series of letters and graphics, written by a brother to his younger sister over the years. 

We can’t say enough good things about this book… it will absolutely make you chuckle as it touches your heart.

A Home Again

by Colleen Rowan Kosinski

(Illustrated by Valeria Docampo)

Can a home be a home without its occupants? The house is the narrator in this story, and it tells an emotional tale of change, when the family that has grown up within its walls moves away. The house clings to the memory of what is familiar and tries to push away the new owners, who gently persist to care for it. In the end, hope and love make the world right again.


by Katrina Lehman

(Illustrated by Sophie Beer)

Wren is a young child with a big and boisterous family. When his family gets even bigger with the arrival of a new baby sister, he decides he’s had enough noise and moves in with Grandma and Grandpa into the quiet countryside. He eventually misses his family and discovers that he and that new baby sister might have more in common than he thought...

Such a charming book to highlight gratitude for what we have.

Sweater Weather

by Matt Phelan

Father Bear bundles up seven cubs for an evening of stargazing with tremendous effort. The bear family has a happy and satisfying evening, and so will young readers.

This sweet story is perfect for a cozy night under the covers and will strike a chord for every parent who has bundled up a child for cold weather! 

NEW BOOK JOY is an affiliate of Bookshop.org and will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Every order you place through NBJ supports our site and their pool of independent bookstores!


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