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Family Book Club – Taking A Stand

March 1, 2021 | Taking a Stand

The idea of “taking a stand” starts very early in life...

Toddlers begin by shouting “No!” They begin to realize they have a voice. As they get older, sticking to their beliefs can become more difficult, due to self doubt and peer pressure.

Whether it is standing up for yourself, your loved ones, or society as a whole, standing up for what you believe in takes strength and courage. Even if there is a moment of uncertainty, there are times in your life when it’s important to stick to your guns and stand up for what you believe in.

Below you’ll find books, activities, and resources that are appropriate for various ages around the concept of “Taking A Stand”.

Standing Strong Like Some of the Greats

 Beth HNEW BOOK JOY Guest Contributor

Readings & Resources


Family Book Club – Taking A Stand: Pre-K & Kindergarten

Family Book Club – Taking A Stand: First & Second Grade

Family Book Club – Taking A Stand: Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade

Family Book Club – Taking A Stand: Middle School

Family Book Club – Taking A Stand: High School

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Bridging Books & Art

There is nothing better than creating images in your mind, while reading. It is almost like experiencing a movie, while getting immersed in a novel! Not only does it help you feel closer to the characters, but helps you become more excited about what is going to happen next. Talk about a great way to build your own suspense!

Art is also a wonderful connection with reading because it can help you get more attuned with the book’s topics or themes.

You have the opportunity to look at something visual and ponder about what the reading adventure will offer. You have the opportunity to make various connections between what you see in the piece of art and what you read in the book.

We’re excited to include a piece of art with each theme, in order for families to enjoy something visual along with their reading conversations and experiences!


Taking A Stand by Lisa Duré

For the Taking A Stand theme, our friend, Lisa, who is a high school art teacher, painted this inspirational image:

“I thought about taking a stand and about how that would look. I pictured figures climbing and reaching a peak, in order to view the beauty of a sunrise. Standing tall to appreciate both the path they had to follow to get there, as well as the rewarding and beautiful view at the end of the struggle.”

Lisa hopes it is a metaphor everyone can understand.

Family Activity

As an English teacher, I stumble across students who look at a piece of art and move on. They do not always pause and question. They only see what is on the surface, but do not dive into the visual experience.

When I have my students analyze a piece of art, I have them answer a series of questions, in order for the picture to be more than just random shapes and colors. The questions may focus on the visual aspect, as well as the story and/or tone. When teens take time to ponder and see the painting, everything comes alive!

It is easy to glance at a picture, but not take time to notice its beauty and meaning. Sure, it takes extra time to pause and answer questions about the picture, but questioning helps with awareness, curiosity, and wonderment.

I See, I Think

Have a discussion as you look at the painting together. Try taking turns and framing each observation with the phrases “I see… I think…” For example, “I see the sun is rising. I think the artist wants us to hope for a brighter future.” Every observation might not be profound, but the longer you discuss the artwork this way, the more layers of detail and meaning you can uncover. Everything from the clouds, to the rocks, to the figures and their stance, to the use of color, light, and shadow can hold meaning. 

For younger kids, this is a way for adults to model inference, a critical skill that kids can transfer from interpretation of art to interpretation of text.

Food for Thought

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What books help YOU & your family take a stand?

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