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Book Club Pairings – Amy’s Candy Bar

October 23, 2020 | Community

As OUR second batch of book TASTINGS comeS to a close, we’re highlighting another SWEET SMALL business THAT’S PERFECT FOR PAIRINGS…

Amy’s Candy Bar is one of our favorite sweet adventures in the city, especially when choosing unique chocolates to pair with our rich reads. There’s always SO many varieties to choose from… Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store!

When pairing tasty treats with each book, we make sure the flavors and experience capture the essence of each novel. At Amy’s, it’s easy to do that!

One of the books we read and discussed during our latest Virtual Book Club was The Island of Sea Women.

We could have talked much longer than the hour we had on Zoom…

With savory snacks and themes about: family, friendship, forgiveness, and strong women, it was almost impossible! 

For this book, we had the women enjoy some Sweet and Salty Bark from Amy’s Candy Bar, during the event.

We chose the Bark for its sweet, salty, and chewy experience, which was similar to the book adventure. It was delectable and added to the book club fun!

SPOTLIGHT ON SMALL BUSINESSES: AMY’S CANDY BAR, a local favorite of ours in Chicago, IL

This quaint store has everything your sweet tooth is looking for! Check out Amy’s Candy Bar for all the delicious goodies that are offered.

What a perfect time to go candy shopping! After all, it’s almost Halloween, right?

Mandy G, New Book Joy Founder

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