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Book Club Pairings – Edgewater Candles

September 18, 2021 | Perseverance

Surround yourself with scents that transport you to another world while you read…

Rewind a few years to the summer of 2016… I can remember stumbling upon Edgewater Candles at an outdoor festival, in Rogers Park. Walking up to a table of sensational smells and warm smiles filled my heart with great joy.

Not only did I instantly fall in love with the unique and sophisticated scents; but when I lit up my first candles at home, I fell even more enamored with the fragrances as they permeated throughout my apartment. They helped me get through any task I was working on and seemed fitting for every mood. I found myself hunting EWC down at every fest I attended because I could not get enough of their rich products or their wonderful personalities!

“The one thing we love more than making candles is being a part of an incredible community of crafters, small business owners, and candle lovers. It allows us to collaborate with other artisans, learn and grow with fellow makers, and share the passion for our unique palette of elevated modern fragrances.”

Ever since that summer, I have made it a point to try almost every scent (with the exception of two or three) that Mark Towns and Stephen Pearlman have made, and have never been disappointed… I find myself yearning for them if I do not light one of the candles every handful of days!

When Connie and I started to pick pairings for our New Book Joy Book Club Tastings events, we thought pairing Edgewater Candles with the books we read would be a perfect match!

How could you not get lost reading Mexican Gothic, while burning Oakmoss & Amber, or diving into 28 Summers, while burning Wood Sage Sea Salt?!? (You may remember a few of these from our Perfect Pairing Packages GIVEAWAY we hosted earlier this year!)

We are SO excited to feature Edgewater Candles’ autumn collection for our Deep & Twisty : Suspense Book Flight theme this fall too! Oh how well the smokey, sweet and spicy scents play with the dark and suspenseful story lines…

EWC’s vast fragrance assortment is available in a variety of sizes, from small and medium tins to large glass jars and sometimes even one-of-a-kind holders made by local Chicago artists, which makes them great for gifting along with your favorite reads.

If you are not a fan of candles, they also sell reed diffusers and rollerballs (their signature scents as wearable fragrances).

Whether you have been a candle lover for years or just starting out on your candle chapter, you do not want to miss out on Edgewater Candles… some of the best in the Chicagoland area!

SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Edgewater Candles, a Chicagoland favorite in Evanston, IL

If you’re located in the Midwest, stop by Edgewater Candles’ sensational NEW STOREFRONT LOCATION to sample all of their scents in-person; if you’re feeling inspired to create your own candles, you can sign up to join one of their candle-making classes too! It’s definitely on our bucket-list… one of our future Book Club adventures, perhaps?

Mandy G, New Book Joy Founder

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