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Book Club Pairings – TeaLula

August 23, 2020 | Navigating Feelings

With COVID-19, our  book club experiences are missing the physical gathering part, along with the camaraderie of enjoying whatever goodies the hostess provides…

As we are setting up our New Book Joy Virtual Book Clubs, we’re picking some pairing suggestions for particular books too! These tastings will match the flavors of the plot, setting, characters, and author’s style. We’ll suggest high quality brands (and often highlight small independent businesses) of wines, teas, and other goodies so everyone can find something new to try.

Our most recent Virtual Book Club had a discussion about Valentine that could have gone on forever…

It was a riveting read that made us think about the strong themes: sisterhoods of strong women, immigration, poverty, and recovery.

For this book we recommended a lovely cup of tea from one of our favorite local tea emporiums…TeaLula.

We chose Honeybush Vanilla – rich and layered, just like the book.

It had sweet undertones with a bold flavor, like the female characters. We tried it for iced tea too, it was delicious!

SPOTLIGHT ON SMALL BUSINESSES: TEALULA, a local favorite of ours in Park Ridge, IL

How cute is this place, right? Check out TeaLula’s Website for all that they offer.

If you have a “tea snob” in your life, they will steer you to the perfect tea that will knock their socks off! (Psst… They ship teas too!)

Connie O, New Book Joy Founder

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