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Book Club Pairings – Noir d’Ébène chocolat et pâtisserie

March 10, 2021 | Taking a Stand

Join us on a TASTING adventure with Journey Shannon: Part-artist, part storyteller, 100% chocolate magician

Journey Shannon creates masterpieces in chocolate that are PERFECT to enjoy during an evening reading session with a rich book.

We recently paired a discussion of the mesmerizing book, Conjure Women by Afia Atakora, with a virtual tasting experience led by Ms. Shannon.

As she taught us about the process of creating her chocolate (from the farm in Cameroon to the final stages in her boutique) it reminded us of the passion we felt from the women in the story, who also connected the talents of multiple generations to create a healing community.

Journey’s words below further echo a few more connections between her brand’s story and the novel we read for our Book Tasting:

“Imagine a chocolate adventure that immerses you in a region and culture. Our single-origin chocolate delivers this while also ensuring hard-working cacao farmers are fairly compensated.

Some of our Noir d’Ébène Chocolate bars are made exclusively with beans from one specific estate while others are made from a cooperative of estates. We use both husk and bean, preparing the chocolate with natural ingredients for a performance that is so much more than simply satiating a craving. And we send samples back to each farm so they can experience for themselves the fruits of their labors.

From harvest to roast to grind, we handcraft with joy, cut no corners and spare no expense in delivering a rich, deep and full-bodied chocolate experience.”

The importance of regional culture, origins, and traditions of hard working communities, along with cravings for equality shine in both her small business and our reading.

SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Noir d’Ébène, a Chicagoland favorite in Evanston, IL

Journey considers chocolate the ultimate blank canvas and her ingredient combinations are just as unique as she is (fennel, rose petals, rose oil, and candied orange peels are just a few of the unexpected flavors she incorporates).

Treat yourself to something sweet from this wonderfully women-owned business!

View a wide variety of specialties on her website, including individual dark, milk or white chocolate bars and shapes, sour dough pretzels, pralines, peanut butter cups, brownies, pastries and MUCH more. There are even some vegan options to choose from – a pairing for everyone on their reading journeys!

Inventory changes weekly, for as Ms. Shannon told us: “I look at the chocolate and think, what do you want to be today?”

Connie O, New Book Joy Founder

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