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Book Club Pairings – Homebody

April 20, 2022 | The Beauty of Differences

Cover yourself in a scent that compliments your story…

The first time I stumbled upon Homebody was at one of my favorite small, local boutiques, Winifred Grace, in Chicago.

From the feel-good scents, to the beautiful branding and packaging, to Elle herself, I instantly fell in love with this brand, and could not get enough! I purchased a lip balm and room spray for a gift, and decided to treat myself too…

After introducing Homebody to Connie, we knew Elle’s products would pair perfectly with our curated book collections, and we got the ball rolling… literally! We stocked up on scented rollerball perfume oils, body nectars, soap bars, and room sprays, all inspired by stories we’ve been reading. Since Homebody has endless unique fragrances, such as Matcha Latte, Hazy Summer, and Rosewater + Lemon, it’s been fun to pick a perfect fragrance match to each of our favorite books!

Handcrafted just for you + made with ingredients you can pronounce, because treating yourself should be fun + easy. What’s inside really does matter…” Learn more about Blends With Benefits!

We love that Elle thinks up, makes, and packages everything in her home studio. She is extremely transparent with the ingredients used for each product, steering clear of parabens, lead, and other ingredients that aren’t good for your skin. We are extremely excited to share all of her products with our Book Club crew this Spring!


We’ve featured some Homebody products at our last few pop-up events, and we just added a few NEW self-care pairing options to our online shop and Book Bar. The body nectar, lip balm, and perfume oil are the top sellers… it’s difficult to keep them on the shelves!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our virtual Book Bar experience, now’s the time to pick out an intriguing title and one or two “garnish” parings! What a wonderful way to pamper and treat yourself this season…

Mandy G, New Book Joy Founder

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