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Book Club Comrades – Continuing Virtual Book Discussions with Added Adventures – “Powerful & Full Bodied” Series

September 14, 2022 | Powerful & Full-Bodied

As the days started to get longer and warmer, our book club fun started to heat up, as well...

We started Spring with another spectacular Book Tasting flight, “Powerful & Full Bodied Journeys,” with our Book Clubbers this April. Jumping into a character’s journey was a great way to jumpstart a season that’s all about new beginnings and perseverance!

As you can imagine, this topic sparked endless conversations and connections with our book clubbers…

After sinking our teeth into Aftershocks by Nadia Owusu, a “reflective memoir focused on home, abandonment, identity and autonomy”, we knew a traditional family-inspired dish would make the perfect pairing to compliment the book and it’s accompanying discussion.

Culinary expert Courtney led our first group of book clubbers through a virtual cooking class that was not only fun, but educational too!

Another “moving, heartbreaking memoir about a traumatic event and the path to healing” was up next: Memorial Drive: A Daughter’s Memoir by Natasha Trethewey…

Our second group of book clubbers had the opportunity to embark on a new virtual class adventure, “Learn Watercolor for Mindfulness”, where Audrey Ra led us through a mindful breathing meditation, coupled with a few painting techniques, to teach us easy ways to incorporate both self-care practices into our weekly routines. Audrey was clear and concise when giving instructions and we all felt relaxed and recharged at the conclusion of the class!

After submerging ourselves in such rich stories of perseverance, it was therapeutic to embark on an artistic mindfulness journey of our own!

The characters in each of the four titles we read for this flight could have definitely benefitted from this type of natural healing therapy too, after all of their hardships… What an inspiring way to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month this May!

The third book of our Book Tasting Flight, Smile by Sarah Ruhl, explores a playwright’s experience with partial facial paralysis from Bell’s Palsy & details her resilient decade-long search for a cure (all while balancing being a wife, mother of three & writer of esteemed broadway performances).

We chose to pair this story with a shared appetizer journey at Curragh Irish Pub, which wound up being the perfect place to discuss the physical, mental & emotional challenges Ruhl has faced, and remind us “a smile is not just a smile, but a vital form of communication, of bonding, of what makes us human.” Our book clubbers definitely bonded and shared a lot of smiles at this event…

In addition to enjoying our appetizers and book talk, we decorated journals at our “DIY journal station” so each attendee could take home a self-care activity to inspire positive affirmations, dreams, and more.

As another perk to our pop-up events, we always offer some shopping therapy at our Booktique, and this time was no exception…

Book Club attendees were able to treat themselves and / or other loved ones to new and used books, along with thoughtful book pairing *garnishes* from some of our favorite local small businesses:  Edgewater Candles, Homebody, Soap Distillery, Veruca Chocolates and Fly Paper

What a spectacular way to end our Powerful and Full-Bodied Book Tastings Flight!


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Late Migrations by Margaret Renkl

Paired with…

TeaLula Mindfulness Tea

Veruca Chocolates Chocolate Bar

MAJAMAS EARTH Polsino Pant in Hope Blooms or Spiced

Edgewater Candles Oakmoss & Amber

We are looking forward to sharing our next flight, “Meal In A Glass: Complex Characters and Plots”, with you, which is taking place this June through August.

We would love for you (or invite someone (or several) you think may be interested) at one of our upcoming Book Tastings flights!

Mandy G, New Book Joy Founder

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